Game Producer

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My name is Gerald Milton; I am a Video Game Producer. I am trained in Agile Development Methodologies, Scrum, and traditional Project Management.

My professional background is in heavy industry - manufacturing, agricultural irrigation, and mill management. I transitioned from these very traditional and established industries because I am extremely passionate about video games. 

I have worked on teams and in organizations of various sizes. I have experience managing publishing requirements, producing teams, facilitating communication between departments, managing stakeholder expectations, and bringing projects to market.

I have played a role in several successful and exciting projects in the video game industry.

  • Designer on a small-scale mobile game created with a team of four developers

  • Producer on a multiplayer split-screen couch racing game made by a team of 56 developers

  • Managing volunteers for a  commercial eSports and gaming convention/expo that had thousands of attendees

  • Lead producer on a very successful first-person platforming game developed by a 13 member team


Recent Projects



FrostRunner is a First-Person Speedrunning game set in a desolate frozen future where players are tasked with beating each level as quickly as possible. Available on Steam now, includes steam achievements and leaderboards.

Built by a team of 13 developers over the course of 4 months.

Most downloaded game in SMU Guildhall history!

Interstellar Racing League

Interstellar Racing League is a 4-player couch competitive splitscreen racing game in a futuristic sci-fi setting. We developed this game on a team of 56 total developers over the course of just four months.

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Pinball Escape

Pinball Escape is a Fast Paced Physics based Arcade game where p[ayers use their finger to draw trampolines 


OP Live: Dallas - Volunteer Coordinator

OP Live is the biggest eSports/game industry event in the Dallas area. I was responsible for recruiting, training, and managing the volunteers. Recruited and trained more than 100 volunteers to enhance the experience of event visitors and guests.


Thesis Project

For my Thesis paper, i am studying leadership, emotional intelligence, and team performance to look for links in how these are related and how to structure a more successful team.