My name is Gerald Milton; I am a Video Game Producer. I am trained in Agile Development Methodologies, Scrum, and traditional Project Management.

My professional background is in heavy industry - manufacturing, agricultural irrigation, and mill management. I transitioned from these very traditional and established industries because I am extremely passionate about video games. 

I have worked on teams and in organizations of various sizes. I have experience managing publishing requirements, producing teams, facilitating communication between departments, managing stakeholder expectations, and bringing projects to market.




Lead Producer Summer/Fall 2018

  • Released on Steam 1/1/2019 to 100k downloads in first month

  • Used agile processes to support a team of fourteen developers

  • Facilitated prioritization, sprint planning, and daily Scrum

  • Managed product backlog using Hansoft product management software

  • Interfaced with stakeholders to manage product expectations, publishing responsibilities, and milestone delivery

  • Designed, implemented, and updated development pipelines using feedback from leads and team members

  • Interfaced with external Usability/User Experience Producer to generate actionable feedback for development team

  • Coached team members in Agile Processes

OP LIVE: Dallas

Producer Spring - Fall 2018

  • Largest eSports/Gaming Community event in North Texas

  • Recruited, trained, and managed a team of over 100 volunteers

  • Worked with even organizers and stakeholders to plan volunteer responsibilities

  • Developed detailed training plan for volunteers

  • Created detailed schedule for volunteers to ensure all stations were filled at all times

  • Managed day-of operations at the event, ensuring that volunteers were on task and available to attendees                         

Interstellar Racing League

Producer     Spring 2018

  • Produced small functional sub-teams ranging from 6 to 13 members

  • Cooperated with other producers on a 56 person team to prioritize and plan deliverables

  • Oversaw Sprint Planning and Developed Product Backlog

  • Negotiated milestone expectations and Prioritized User Stories and Tasks

  • Facilitated daily Scrum and attended Scrum of Scrums

  • Cleared blockers for the team

  • Coached team members in Agile processes

Pinball Escape

Level Designer              Fall 2017

  • Lead Sprint Planning on a small team

  • Created and maintained Kanban Board, Burndown Charts, and Development Pipelines

  • Designed tutorial and main gameplay levels

  • Scripted several small gameplay elements.

Work Experience

International Paper, Bogalusa Paper Mill, Bogalusa, LA                                            2017

Safety Manager: Special Projects

  • Coordinated between multiple departments to update signage for hazardous chemical delivery points and waste disposal sites.

  • Developed an end-user database for housing potential capital projects and plant improvements.

  • Negotiated with Executive stakeholders and Union Managers to implement a new system for reporting workplace safety incidents.

  • Worked with Executive Stakeholders to design a system of hazardous chemical delivery point mapping that has been adopted as a company standard and is now considered a best practice.

Watertronics, Hartland, WI                                                                                 2016-2017

Irrigation Engineer

  • Worked on a contract basis for Watertronics and Lindsay Corporation.

  • Made several international trips to Rwanda,

  • Worked hands on installing, initializing, updating, and maintaining a large pump station for the largest agricultural project in Rwandan history.

  • Also did electronic paneling, large pump assembly, small pump assembly, and pump certification testing in the Watertronics facility in Hartland, Wisconsin.

Software PROFICIENCies


  • Unreal Engine

  • Unity

  • Perforce


  • Photoshop

  • 3ds Max

  • Visual Studio


  • Microsoft Word

  • Microsoft Excel

  • Microsoft Access


  • Jira

  • Hansoft

  • Microsoft Project

  • Microsoft Outlook

  • Microsoft Visio


Delta State University, Cleveland, MS                                                             

B.Sc. in Interdisciplinary Studies: CS, GIS, and Business Management            2011 - 2014

MBA in Information Systems Management                                                      2014 - 2016


The Guildhall at SMU, Plano, TX                                                                  2017- Current

Masters of Interactive Media – Production Focus: Level Design Minor