Thesis Project


For my thesis, I studied factors of team performance in video game development teams by studying Team Game Production 1 teams at the SMU Guildhall.

I researched and distributed surveys to measure the following metrics of teams:

  • Team Efficacy - the belief of a team in their ability to achieve

  • Emotional Intelligence - the ability of team members to understand and regulate their emotions

  • Emergent Leadership - the organic emergence of leadership over time to provide vision and structure

In analyzing the results, I found all of these factors to be important and together they provide an ability to predict a team’s future performance. Notable outcomes:

  • Team Efficacy is strongly related to Team Performance

  • Emotional Intelligence is strongly related to Team Efficacy

  • Emergent Leadership in teams has a large impact on Team Efficacy and cohesion

Below you can find links to download the full thesis paper and presentation slides for my thesis defense